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June 2022 ISSUE

The Beef with Greed: Leo Tolstoy and Adam Smith

By Chris Schwing

Free market economics and libertarianism are often linked, rightly wrongly, with egoism, selfishness, and greed. In Leviathan (1651), perhaps the first great modern political text, Thomas Hobbes writes that "No man gives but with the intention of good to himself, because gi...

The State Is Us (Perhaps), But Beware of It!

By Pierre Lemieux

A Liberty Classic Book Review of The Calculus of Consent: Logical Foundations of Constitutional Democracy, by James M. Buchanan and Gordon Tullock.1 First published sixty years ago this year, James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock's The Calculus of Consent: Logical Foundat...

Jonathan Rauch and the Knowledge Problem

By Arnold Kling

In this book I have supplemented "liberal science" with the term "reality-based community," by which I mean the social network which adheres to liberal science's rules and norms.... The community's interactions are structured and elaborate and amount to much more than ju...

The War That Never Ends

By Chris Schwing

A Book Review of Manufacturing Militarism: U.S. Government Propaganda in the War on Terror, by Christopher J. Coyne and Abigail R. Hall.1 It's been over 20 years since the 9/11 attacks. Ever since those horrible attacks, the United States government has been waging a ...

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Pierre Lemieux

The State Is Us (Perhaps), But Beware of It!

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