June 2023 ISSUE

John Locke: Mercantilist?

By Amy Willis

I recently had occasion to read (for the first time) John Locke's "Some Considerations of the Consequences of the Lowering of Interest, and Raising the Value of Money." [SC]1 Among other things, this got me thinking about the common claim that Locke was a mercantilist.2 I th...

The Economics of Aging: Living Longer versus Living Better

By Amy Willis

The July 2021 issue of Nature Aging—one of the prestigious Nature periodicals' group—published "The Economic Value of Targeting Aging."1 It begins by asserting that changes in U.S. life expectancy and attention to "healthy aging" raise questions that biomedical scientist...

Let Go of the Zero-Sum Fallacy and Enjoy Others’ Good Fortune

By Art Carden

People believe many myths, but I suspect few are as pernicious as the zero-sum fallacy. It sees the world as a story of an unending struggle over a fixed prize such that someone who has something only has it because someone else does not. It's an understandable thing to beli...

Legal Safeguards Against Omnipotent Lawmakers

By Pierre Lemieux

A Book Review of Law, Legislation, and Liberty, by Friedrich A. Hayek. Jeremy Shearmur, editor.1 Friedrich Hayek's trilogy Law, Legislation, and Liberty, published in three separate volumes in 1973, 1976, and 1979, was recently republished in a single book under the ...

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