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David Henderson

Should President Biden Cancel Student Debt?

Economics of Education May 17 2022

AMA Proudly Beats Back Competition

Economics of Health Care May 16 2022

George H. Smith, RIP

Austrian Economics May 15 2022

The CMS is Right and the WSJ is Wrong

Economics of Health Care May 14 2022

Inflation Falls

Money and Inflation May 11 2022

Wipe Out the Benjamins?

International Trade May 10 2022

Child Subsidies versus More Immigration

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing May 9 2022

Reminiscences of Hayek

Austrian Economics May 8 2022

Young Man: the Janitors!

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 8 2022

Don't Just Stand There: Undo Something

International Trade May 7 2022

The FDA's Extreme Innumeracy

Economics of Health Care May 6 2022

Central Planning of Water Levels

Central Planning May 5 2022

The Importance of Being Ethical

Economic Philosophy May 4 2022

Strawmen, Steelmen, and Bad Faith

Economic Philosophy Jun 7 2021

How Reliable is Government Information?

Central Planning Jun 6 2021

Models versus Data

Energy, Environment, Resources Jun 5 2021

The Enemy Below

Foreign Policy Jun 2 2021

How Many Pinocchios Should Glenn Kessler Get?

Economic Education May 30 2021

Failure to Launch and UBI

Behavioral Economics May 28 2021

Jerry Nadler's Radical Tax Reform

Economic Philosophy May 26 2021

George Blake's Shocking Absence of Due Diligence

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 24 2021

Thinking on the Margin in the NBA

Economic Education May 23 2021

Inflation: True and False

Economic Growth May 21 2021

Rosen versus Henderson on Child Tax Credits

Income Distribution May 20 2021

What is Ontario Trying to Tell Us?

Energy, Environment, Resources May 19 2021

Panetta, Quayle, and Clinton

Fiscal Policy May 18 2021

Ridicule or Reach Out?

Media Watch May 17 2021

The Miserable Americans

Economics of Crime May 16 2021

Tim Kane's Immigrant Interview of Henderson

Economic Philosophy May 15 2021

Jason Furman on High UI

Incentives May 14 2021

Ryan Streeter's Grounds for Optimism

Economic Growth May 13 2021

Bob Chitester RIP

Obituaries May 10 2021

Two Questions on Sunkara's Book

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 9 2021

Despite or Because of?

Incentives May 7 2021

Camping Cohen's Commitment

Liberty May 6 2021

Henderson on John Batchelor Show on Family Allowance

Regulation and Subsidies May 6 2021

Richard Nixon and the Draft

Labor Market May 5 2021

Economic Lessons from COVID-19

Central Planning May 1 2021

Incentives Matter in Banking Too

Economic History Apr 27 2021

An Immigrant's Story

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Apr 26 2021

Child Allowances are a Bad Idea

Regulation and Subsidies Apr 24 2021

Andy Pasztor on Our Amazing Airplane Safety Record

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Apr 21 2021

Walter Oi and Armen Alchian on Value of Life

Economic Methods Apr 20 2021

The Resource Cost of a Gold Standard

Monetary Policy Apr 19 2021

Berlin Rent Control Unconstitutional

Price Controls Apr 16 2021

Canadian versus US Banking

Economic History Apr 15 2021

Larry White on the Gold Standard

Monetary Policy Apr 14 2021

Anthony Fauci is Anti-Science

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 13 2021

Both Amazon and Workers Win

Labor Market Apr 11 2021

I LOVE State Farm

Business Economics Apr 10 2021

Hayek on High Prices for 10 Seconds of Work

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Apr 8 2021

Henderson on Good and Bad Inequality

Incentives Apr 7 2021

The Nobel Factor

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 6 2021

Deadweight Loss Computations

Taxation Apr 5 2021

Africa Tries Free Trade

Economic Growth Apr 1 2021

Chuck Baird: A Fond Reflection

Economic Education Mar 30 2021

Covid Caution and Curry

Behavioral Economics Mar 29 2021

Charles Ball's Humanity

Economic History Mar 28 2021

Whose Body Is It Anyway?

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 26 2021

The Solution to Expensive Housing Is More Housing

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 25 2021

Ludwig von Mises on the "Barbarous Relic"

Monetary Policy Mar 24 2021

Brookings' Cliff Winston on Infrastructure

Central Planning Mar 24 2021

Krugman Illustrates Caplan's Point

Fiscal Policy Mar 23 2021

The Damage Yet to Come from the "Stimulus"

Fiscal Policy Mar 19 2021

Covid Minimizing on One Variable

Regulation Mar 18 2021

Strangely Liberating

Incentives Mar 17 2021

Should AstraZeneca Vaccine Be Paused?

Central Planning Mar 16 2021

Alice Rivlin on Bracket Creep

Money and Inflation Mar 15 2021

What Alan Blinder Missed on Inflation

Money and Inflation Mar 14 2021

Great Cowen Interview of John Cochrane

Economics of Health Care Mar 11 2021

My Thoughts on Unions

Labor Market Mar 10 2021

An Unnecessary "Stimulus"

Fiscal Policy Mar 6 2021

PC and PG Matter More than Content at Google

Business Economics Feb 28 2021

Private versus Government

Behavioral Economics Feb 24 2021

Serbians' Freedom to Choose

Economics of Health Care Feb 23 2021

L'Etat, c'est Ro

Labor Market Feb 23 2021

Jeff Hummel on Classical Liberals and Libertarians

Economic Philosophy Feb 22 2021

The Sunk Cost Lesson Stuck

Economic Education Feb 21 2021

The Opportunity-Killing Minimum Wage

Labor Market Feb 19 2021

In Praise of CVS

Central Planning Feb 18 2021

Charley Hooper on Masks

Public Health Feb 17 2021

The Communist Trabant

Central Planning Feb 15 2021

The Magness Horpedahl Convergence on Masks

Public Health Feb 14 2021

Redford on Qualified Immunity and Moral Hazard

Economics of Crime Feb 11 2021

Ezra Klein on California Housing Restrictions

Politics and Economics Feb 11 2021

White Guilt and Reparations: A True Story

Economic History Feb 11 2021

What is Equity?

Economic Philosophy Feb 9 2021

Caitlin Doughty on Death

Family Economics Feb 6 2021

Cost/Benefit Analysis or Rock, Paper, Scissors

Cost-benefit Analysis Feb 4 2021

Margins and the 2020 Presidential Election

Politics and Economics Feb 3 2021

People Have Purposes; Markets Don't

Free Markets Jan 29 2021

The Big Long

Finance: stocks, options, etc. Jan 28 2021

Will the Vaccines Mess With Our DNA?

Economics of Health Care Jan 25 2021

Richard Yetter Chappell on Lessons from the Pandemic

Behavioral Economics Jan 24 2021

Appreciating Walter Williams

Labor Market Jan 22 2021

Valerie Ramey Has the Same Quandary I Do

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 21 2021

William Allen RIP

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 20 2021

A Shocking USPS Admission

Incentives Jan 18 2021

Charles Barkley Articulates the Benefit Principle

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 15 2021

Great Moments in California Lockdowns

Regulation Jan 14 2021

Eric Hoffer on "Property Rights" in Jobs

International Trade Jan 11 2021

Joe Stiglitz on Taxing Interest

Taxation Jan 10 2021

Did Trump Foment a Violent Assault?

Law and Economics Jan 9 2021

Sunk Costs in Iraq and Afghanistan

Foreign Policy Jan 8 2021

The Big Lesson of 2020: Government Failure

Central Planning Jan 7 2021

Ralph K. Winter Jr. RIP

Public Choice Theory Jan 6 2021

Newt Gingrich's Numeracy Problem

Fiscal Policy Jan 2 2021

Auld Lang Syne

Liberty Jan 1 2021

My Top 12 Blog Posts of 2020

Economic Education Dec 31 2020

Larry White on Bitcoin

Monetary Policy Dec 29 2020

Joe Stiglitz Channels Armen Alchian

Economics of Education Dec 26 2020

Joe Stiglitz on Taxes

Public Choice Theory Dec 24 2020

The Economic Way of Travel

Cost-benefit Analysis Dec 23 2020

Hypocrisy Over Lockdowns

Regulation Dec 22 2020

Casey Mulligan on Donald Trump versus Jeb Bush

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 21 2020

More Charter Schools, Less Teen Suicide

Economics of Education Dec 20 2020

Adding Demand to Increase Excess Demand

Public Health Dec 20 2020

My Work Continuage: A Confession

Economics of Education Dec 19 2020

Who Said It?

Economics of Education Dec 18 2020

Great Moments in Central Planning

Central Planning Dec 17 2020

The FDA's Deadly Caution

Economics of Health Care Dec 17 2020

Should John Brennan Be Accountable?

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Dec 16 2020

Response to a Friend about Fear of Death

Economics of Health Care Dec 14 2020

Answer to a Reader on What We Should Fear

Economics of Health Care Dec 11 2020

A 1972 Memory of Walter Williams

Labor Market Dec 5 2020

Vaccines' Last Hurdle: Central Planners

Central Planning Dec 4 2020

Walter Williams RIP

Obituaries Dec 2 2020

Are Higher-Paying Jobs Worse than Lower-Paying Jobs?

Economics of Education Dec 1 2020

To Fear or Not to Fear: That is the Question

Behavioral Economics Nov 27 2020

Two Bad Ideas on Student Debt, Part 2

Economics of Education Nov 24 2020

Sullivan and Henderson Talk on School Shutdowns

Cost-benefit Analysis Nov 23 2020

Warren Coats's Experience with Unions

Incentives Nov 22 2020

End the School Shutdown

Economics of Education Nov 21 2020

Great Line from T.S. Eliot

Economics and Culture Nov 20 2020

Two Bad Ideas on Student Loans, Part 1

Economics of Education Nov 19 2020

Dogs, Mountain Lions, and COVID-19

Statistical theory and methods Nov 18 2020

Henderson WSJ Op/Ed on 2020 Nobel Prize

Business Economics Nov 17 2020

Judy Shelton for Fed?

Central Planning Nov 16 2020

The Anti-Capitalist Dilemma

Business Economics Nov 13 2020

Murray Rothbard on Humane Immigration Policy

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Nov 12 2020

Tobin Taxes and Elasticity

Taxation Nov 11 2020

The Simple Wonders of Everyday Capitalist Life

Business Economics Nov 8 2020

State Income Tax Rates Over Time

Taxation Nov 5 2020

Voting and Margins

Public Choice Theory Nov 2 2020

Jonathan Rauch Has a GREAT Answer

Economics and Culture Nov 2 2020

J.B. Say on Gains from Exchange

Economic Education Nov 1 2020

Sean Connery RIP

Growth: Consequences Oct 31 2020

The COVID/Lockdown Recession Is Over

Economic Growth Oct 30 2020

The Unjoined Debate

Public Health Oct 29 2020

Manitoba COVID-19 Data

Public Health Oct 28 2020

One of Tyler Cowen's Points is Right

Public Health Oct 27 2020

Tyler Cowen Doubles Down

Liberty Oct 26 2020

Illinois Restaurants Collude to Expand Output

Business Economics Oct 25 2020

How Much Should Young People Be Punished?

Economics of Health Care Oct 24 2020

Managing and Mismanaging the Covid Shock

Business Economics Oct 23 2020

Open the Schools and the Playgrounds

Economics of Education Oct 21 2020

Private Firms Cannot Censor

Business Economics Oct 20 2020

Hirshleifer on Regression to Savagery

Economic History Oct 19 2020

Reply to Paul Romer

Liberty Oct 14 2020

How Does Big Tech Cheat and Steal?

Economics of Crime Oct 14 2020

Sir Samuel Brittan RIP

Economic Philosophy Oct 13 2020

Henderson on Nobel Winners in Wall Street Journal

Business Economics Oct 13 2020

Jagdish Bhagwati for Nobel Prize

International Trade Oct 11 2020

Casey Mulligan's Excellent Adventure

International Trade Oct 9 2020

Three Economists Walk Into a Discussion, Part 2

Economics of Education Oct 7 2020

On the Shortness of Time

Economic Philosophy Oct 6 2020

A Hole in the Market

Central Planning Sep 22 2020

Raghuran Rajan's The Third Pillar

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 18 2020

NASA Is Paying for Moon Rocks

Property Rights Sep 17 2020

Case and Deaton on Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 16 2020

Branko Milanovic on Holiday Inn

Economic Growth Sep 15 2020

EconTalk with Bob Chitester

EconTalk Sep 14 2020

O'Rourke on the Millennials and Socialism

Economic Education Sep 13 2020

Beware the Duck!

Energy, Environment, Resources Sep 12 2020

Ivor Cummins on the Coronavirus

Public Health Sep 10 2020

The Right to Labor

Labor Market Sep 7 2020

The Virus May Strike Teachers Unions

Economics of Education Aug 31 2020

Wisconsin Vandals and U.S. Bombers

Economics of Crime Aug 30 2020

Is China an Economic Threat?

International Trade Aug 27 2020

Good News from Georgia

Fiscal Policy Aug 26 2020

Greg Ip Should Read the Wall Street Journal

Economics of Health Care Aug 25 2020

Concise Encyclopedia Biography of Kirzner

Austrian Economics Aug 24 2020

Teaching Responsibility

Economic Philosophy Aug 23 2020

The Dysfunctional FDA

Economics of Health Care Aug 21 2020

What's the Moral Case for Capitalism?

Economic Philosophy Aug 20 2020

Environment Costs of Reforming Methane Rule are Trivial

Energy, Environment, Resources Aug 19 2020

Economists at War

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 16 2020

The Decline of Competition?

Competition Aug 14 2020

Tyler Cowen's Shocking Post on the Russian Vaccine

Economics of Health Care Aug 13 2020

Benito Mussolini and Franklin D. Roosevelt

Central Planning Aug 10 2020

Stephen F. Williams RIP

Obituaries Aug 9 2020

More Good News on U.S. Employment

Labor Market Aug 7 2020

Henderson on the Ingraham Angle

Economics of Education Aug 1 2020

Should the U.S. Return to the Gold Standard

Monetary Policy Jul 28 2020

Judy Shelton on the Soviet Economy

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 27 2020

Flintstones Without the Nice Tune

Economic Growth Jul 23 2020

Hummel on Posner and Garrison on Keynes

History of Economic Thought Jul 22 2020

He Didn't Have To

Behavioral Economics Jul 21 2020

The Threatened Wildcat Strike that Saved My Job

Economic Philosophy Jul 20 2020

Great Moments in Ronald Reagan's Life

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 19 2020

Walter Block Defends His Academic Freedom

Economic Philosophy Jul 17 2020

Beautiful Economics of Indian Medical Care

Economic Education Jul 17 2020

The Data Are In: It's Time for Major Reopening

Economics of Health Care Jul 16 2020

Benjamin Boyce Interviews Adrian Lee Oliver

Statistical theory and methods Jul 15 2020

Interesting Airline Pricing

Business Economics Jul 14 2020

Kuznicki's Hats Off to Liberty

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Jul 13 2020

Bob Murphy on How Identity Politics Hurts Everyone

Economic Philosophy Jul 10 2020

USMCA Is a Net Move AWAY From Free Trade

International Trade Jul 8 2020

I "Win" My Bet

Economics of Health Care Jul 7 2020

The Mob Lost and the System Won

Economics and Culture Jul 6 2020

Henderson on Lockdowns and Deficits

Economics of Health Care Jul 5 2020

The Fantastic Unemployment Numbers!

Labor Market Jul 3 2020

Happy Birthday, Thomas Sowell

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 1 2020

Lester Grinspoon RIP

Economics of Crime Jun 29 2020

Oksana Boyko Interviews Henderson on RT

Central Planning Jun 28 2020

Henderson on John Batchelor Radio Show

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 26 2020

Best Recent Paragraph on Immigration Hassles

Economics of Education Jun 25 2020

A Minimum Wage Puzzle

Labor Market Jun 23 2020

The Twists and Turns of Tobacco Politics

Microeconomics Jun 21 2020

Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia

Labor Market Jun 20 2020

10 Percent Less Democracy

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 19 2020

Black Livelihoods Matter

Labor Market Jun 18 2020

Henderson on Laura Ingraham Show

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 17 2020

Henderson on Fox News Channel

Upcoming Events Jun 16 2020

The Data Are In: It’s Time for Major Reopening

Cost-benefit Analysis Jun 16 2020

BOTH Sides Gain From Exchange

Economic Education Jun 15 2020

AEA Hides Its Racist Past

Economic Philosophy Jun 14 2020

Why Don't People Speak Up?

Behavioral Economics Jun 12 2020

Roy A. Childs Jr. on Police and Social Workers

Law and Economics Jun 7 2020

Just Say No to State & Local Bailouts

Fiscal Policy Jun 4 2020

John Ross on Legal Issues

Economics of Crime May 31 2020

Milton Friedman on H-1B Visas

Labor Market May 29 2020

Caplan Nails It on Pay Cuts

Behavioral Economics May 28 2020

Classical Liberalism Was Born and Thrived During Pandemics

History of Economic Thought May 27 2020

Hummel on Whether to Expect Higher Inflation

Monetary Policy May 26 2020

Dick Timberlake RIP

Foreign Policy May 23 2020

Oliver Williamson RIP

Competition May 22 2020

Commissar Komisar

Liberty May 21 2020

Lockdowns Are Having Real Effects

Regulation May 18 2020

Zingales on the Rule of Economists

Competition May 17 2020

Sweden's Economy: Predicting is Not Showing

Macroeconomics May 15 2020

The Importance of Play

Moral Reasoning May 14 2020

The Good that this Crisis has Brought Out in People

Economics and Culture May 13 2020

Biography of Harold Demsetz

Economic Methods May 11 2020

End the Lockdowns Now

Cost-benefit Analysis May 8 2020

Social Distancing, Blood, and Hair

Business Economics May 8 2020

Frustrating Drug Advancement

Regulation May 5 2020

Organizational Charts versus Public Choice

Economics of Health Care May 3 2020

Government Lockdowns Affect More than the Margin

Behavioral Economics May 3 2020

Henderson on RT Crosstalk

Fiscal Policy May 1 2020

Liberation from Lockdown Now

Public Goods Apr 30 2020

Henderson Podcast on Ending the Shutdown

Labor Market Apr 28 2020

My Fear of Inflation Has Subsided

Monetary Policy Apr 27 2020

Best Paragraph of the Day

Economic Methods Apr 26 2020

The Anti-Stimulus Bill

Fiscal Policy Apr 25 2020

Henderson versus Wolfers on Lockdowns

Central Planning Apr 24 2020

CHOMP Calls Out for Patients

Business Economics Apr 23 2020

Reminder of Tomorrow's Debate

Central Planning Apr 20 2020

Henderson versus Wolfers on the Shutdown

Central Planning Apr 19 2020

Love Them Anyway

Economic Philosophy Apr 16 2020

Is Joy Reid a Libertarian?

Economic Education Apr 15 2020

Flattening the Curve and Moving the Goalposts

Economics of Health Care Apr 15 2020

Ben Smith is One Gutsy Guy

Economics of Crime Apr 14 2020

Whitehouse Is Right and Cruz is Wrong

Energy, Environment, Resources Apr 14 2020

Liberation Now!

Economics of Health Care Apr 13 2020

The VSL Quandary

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 12 2020

My Discovery of the Power of Friendly

Economics and Culture Apr 11 2020

QEII's Speech

Adam Smith Apr 7 2020

60 Minutes' Inspiring Show

Economics and Culture Apr 6 2020

Great Moments in Epidemiology

Economics of Health Care Apr 5 2020

The Good and Bad of Tucker Carlson

Economic Philosophy Apr 3 2020

Socratic Grilling as a Way to Learn

Economic Education Apr 3 2020

Government Regulation of Poorer Entrepreneurs

Political Economy Apr 1 2020

One Good Thing to Celebrate

Moral Reasoning Mar 31 2020

Ellen Degeneres as a Modern Bastiat

Economic Education Mar 28 2020

Capital Homogeneity in the Time of COVID-19

Microeconomics Mar 27 2020

FDA Shouldn't Keep Safe Drugs off the Market

Economics of Health Care Mar 26 2020

What Scientific Consensus?

Economic Methods Mar 25 2020

Cost Benefit Analysis of Flattening the Curve

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 24 2020

Henderson on Economics and Coronavirus

Public Health Mar 23 2020

The Economics of House Buying

Finance Mar 21 2020

There's a BIG Difference Between US and Italy

Economics of Health Care Mar 20 2020

Taking Care of Our Bodies

Economics of Health Care Mar 20 2020

The Incredible Amazon Machine

Business Economics Mar 19 2020

Despite Trump's Best Efforts?

International Trade Mar 18 2020

The Importance of the Diamond Princess

Central Planning Mar 17 2020

My Bet on Covid-19 and Why I Might Lose

Economics of Health Care Mar 16 2020

Stephen Davies on Optimal Responses to the Coronavirus

Economics of Health Care Mar 15 2020

Charlie We Never Knew You

Foreign Policy Mar 13 2020

Furlough the TSA!

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 13 2020

The Overweight Mystery

Family Economics Mar 12 2020

Are Big Drops in Oil Prices Bad?

Competition Mar 11 2020

Lorna Collier on the Universal Basic Income

Economics and Culture Mar 7 2020

The Brief Case Against Government Banks

Business Economics Mar 6 2020

Famous Economist on Immigration as a Way to Reduce Poverty

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Mar 4 2020

An All Volunteer Military

Economic Philosophy Feb 28 2020

A First-Rate ERP

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 27 2020

Friedman, Heller, and the Audience

Economic Philosophy Feb 26 2020

War for Oil?

Energy, Environment, Resources Feb 23 2020

Will We Run Out of Energy or Other Resources?

Energy, Environment, Resources Feb 22 2020

The Problem of Aggregating Capital

Economic Growth Feb 21 2020

Cass's Cause

International Trade Feb 18 2020

Did Paul Romer Just Call for a Witch Hunt?

Cost-benefit Analysis Feb 17 2020

Pinch Me

Economics of Crime Feb 14 2020

Milton Friedman, an 'Elfin Libertarian' Giant

History of Economic Thought Feb 13 2020

The Problem with Phony Rights

Economic Philosophy Feb 11 2020

A Nice Immigration Story

International Trade Feb 10 2020

Rudy Gonzalez, RIP

Obituaries Feb 8 2020

Tales of Socialism

Central Planning Feb 6 2020

Immigration Lawyer Nathan Brown Interview on Immigration Remittances

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Feb 5 2020

George Selgin on Geography and the Fed

Monetary Policy Feb 4 2020

Rent Control in Santa Monica

Price Controls Feb 3 2020

The Fascinating 49ers

Business Economics Jan 30 2020

Wine, Water, and Prices

Economics and Culture Jan 29 2020

Politicians in Boarding Houses

Growth: Consequences Jan 28 2020

The Truth About Income Inequality

Incentives Jan 27 2020

Calling a Tail a Leg

Taxation Jan 25 2020

The Power of Numeracy

Terrorism Jan 23 2020

Tribute to Anna J. Schwartz

Monetary Policy Jan 22 2020

Learning English from Cartoons

Central Planning Jan 18 2020

Zingers from Ronald Coase

Incentives Jan 14 2020

Landsburg's Book on Milton Friedman

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 13 2020

Some Recollections about G. Warren Nutter

Central Planning Jan 11 2020

Loury and McWhorter on the 1619 Project

Economic History Jan 10 2020

Mark Cuban Probably Spouts Nonsense

Finance: stocks, options, etc. Jan 8 2020

Second Richest Man Spouts Nonsense

Income Distribution Jan 7 2020

Fabio Rojas's Weak Argument for Subsidizing Illegal Aliens

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 6 2020

Make Toilets Great Again

Regulation Jan 2 2020

Dave Barry on Tariffs on Chinese Goods

International Trade Dec 31 2019

Advice on Writing

Information Goods, Intellectual Property Dec 27 2019

Some of My Top Books

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 26 2019

Indian Health Service For All?

Economics of Health Care Dec 25 2019

Andrew Yang is Halfway There

Liberty Dec 23 2019


International Trade Dec 20 2019

Trump's Proposed Wealth Tax and Incentives

Economic Education Dec 18 2019

Providing for Customers

Business Economics Dec 14 2019

Sunk Costs in Foreign Policy

Economic Education Dec 13 2019

Was There a Housing Bubble?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 12 2019

My Boise State Interview

International Trade Dec 11 2019

Two Lessons from the Pensacola Murders

Foreign Policy Dec 10 2019

Zucman's Statistical Sleight of Hand

Incentives Dec 6 2019

The Assault on Wealth

Taxation Dec 5 2019

Priors and Prejudice

Behavioral Economics Dec 4 2019

Nasty, Brutish, and Long

Economic Philosophy Dec 2 2019

Henderson and Hooper on Why Some Drug Prices Are Too Low

Economics of Health Care Dec 1 2019

Highlights from "The Case for Free Trade"

International Trade Nov 30 2019

Some Pre-Thanksgiving Good News

Labor Market Nov 27 2019

How Much do the Chinese Fail to Comply with WTO?

International Trade Nov 26 2019

Fooled by Algebra

Taxation Nov 25 2019

Responses to Comments on My Review of Open Borders

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 24 2019

Abba Lerner's Thoughts on Consumer Sovereignty

Economic Philosophy Nov 23 2019

Really Awful Wall Street Journal Headline

Business Economics Nov 20 2019

Max Zahn's Zinger

Media Watch Nov 18 2019

The Beauty of Freedom, #12,971

Economic Philosophy Nov 17 2019

Nobel Laureates Aim Too Low on Global Poverty

Economic Methods Nov 16 2019

Review of Open Borders

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 15 2019

Gordon Tullock's Generosity

Economics of Education Nov 12 2019

The Journal's Muddled Reasoning on Illegal Drugs

Economics of Crime Nov 6 2019

Randal O'Toole's Slam Dunk

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 4 2019

Reminder About My Monday Talk at Boise State

International Trade Nov 3 2019

Trump's Economic Policies: An Assessment, Part II

International Trade Nov 2 2019

The Central Planning Myth

Central Planning Nov 1 2019

Sometimes Drug Prices Are Too Low

Economics of Health Care Nov 1 2019

America Needs Defenders Who Understand Freedom

Cross-country Comparisons Oct 30 2019

Boise State Speech Next Monday

International Trade Oct 30 2019

Vladimir Bukovsky RIP

Liberty Oct 28 2019

DEA Forms Drug Cartel

Monopoly Oct 24 2019

The Public Choice Problems with Carbon Taxes

Energy, Environment, Resources Oct 22 2019

Liberty City

Liberty Oct 21 2019

Getting Rich on Low Pay

Finance Oct 20 2019

Don't Ignore the Median Voter Theorem

Politics and Economics Oct 19 2019

Trump's Economic Policies, Part I

Regulation Oct 18 2019

Adam Silver Cut No Constitutional Corners

Cross-country Comparisons Oct 17 2019

Exporters Make Money

International Trade Oct 17 2019

The Latest Nobel Prize in Economics

Economic Methods Oct 15 2019

Chicago Does Not Understand Incentives

Economics of Education Oct 11 2019

Daniel Kuehn on Aaron Director

History of Economic Thought Oct 11 2019

An Economist Buys Lunch on the Margin

Cost-benefit Analysis Oct 10 2019

How the Jones Act Harms America

International Trade Oct 9 2019

Mood Affiliation or Confirming Evidence?

Behavioral Economics Oct 5 2019

Matt Stoller Responds

History of Economic Thought Oct 3 2019

University of Ottawa Speech on Thursday

Foreign Policy Sep 29 2019

The Essence of Lenin

Economic History Sep 28 2019

Quiggin Needs a Third Lesson

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 26 2019

Stoller's Hatchet Job on Aaron Director

History of Economic Thought Sep 22 2019

Cass Sunstein's Critique of Samantha Power

Behavioral Economics Sep 21 2019

The Balance Sheet of Supply Side Economics

Fiscal Policy Sep 18 2019

A Celebration of the U.S. Constitution

Economic History Sep 17 2019

Some Basic Arithmetic on Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Energy, Environment, Resources Sep 16 2019

Samantha Power: The Woman of System

Central Planning Sep 15 2019

9/11, Six Years Later

Foreign Policy Sep 11 2019

Michael Trump or Donald Dukakis

International Trade Sep 10 2019

Me on Andrew Yang on PBS Website

Taxation Sep 9 2019

Donald Trump versus Adam Smith

History of Economic Thought Sep 9 2019

Murphy on Henderson and Carbon Taxes

Energy, Environment, Resources Sep 8 2019

Arnold Kling's ex-Communist Mother's Testimony

Economic Philosophy Sep 5 2019

You're Not Using the Money for Anything

Economic Education Sep 4 2019

Labor Day Vignettes

Labor Market Sep 2 2019

Two Poems by David R. Henderson

International Trade Aug 29 2019

Update on Trees and Global Warming

Energy, Environment, Resources Aug 28 2019

Great Moments in the Labor Theory of Value

Economic Education Aug 27 2019

An Ah Hah Moment While Shopping

Liberty Aug 25 2019

David Koch, RIP

Obituaries Aug 23 2019

A Carbon Tax Is Not a Slam Dunk

Energy, Environment, Resources Aug 21 2019

Bernie Sanders Didn't Say It

Cross-country Comparisons Aug 18 2019

Great Moments in Price Discrimination

Business Economics Aug 17 2019

The New York Times Is Truly Messed Up

Economic Philosophy Aug 16 2019

A Day That Should Live in Infamy

Price Controls Aug 15 2019

Soldiers as Price Takers

Competition Aug 14 2019

Reinhardt's Misleading Data on Drug Price Differences

Economics of Health Care Aug 12 2019

Casey Mulligan on Trump versus Reagan on Trade

International Trade Aug 8 2019

Socialism Does Indeed Suck

Cross-country Comparisons Aug 7 2019

The Deep-seated Authoritarian Impulse

Behavioral Economics Aug 6 2019

Neil deGrasse Tyson is Correct about the Numbers

Behavioral Economics Aug 5 2019

The Mule

Behavioral Economics Aug 4 2019

Kevin O'Leary's Separation Theorem

Business Economics Aug 1 2019

Reflections on the Democratic Debate

Behavioral Economics Jul 31 2019

Laura Ling on Sanctions on North Korea

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 29 2019

Tyler Cowen's Failed Critique of Cuts in State Funding

Economics of Education Jul 29 2019

Biography of Richard H. Thaler is Online

Behavioral Economics Jul 28 2019

Britain is an Outlaw Nation

International Trade Jul 26 2019

One Giant Leap

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 22 2019

Somewhere Inside Humanity

Behavioral Economics Jul 18 2019

Henderson on French Government's 3% Tax on Techs

International Trade Jul 14 2019

Trump's Deregulatory Successes

Regulation Jul 8 2019

Happy July 4th

Public Choice Theory Jul 4 2019

In Memory of Crony Capitalist Lee Iacocca

Energy, Environment, Resources Jul 3 2019

Is Marianne Williamson Crazy?

Foreign Policy Jul 2 2019

The Most Important Blog Post Today

Microeconomics Jul 1 2019

Jim Acosta Shows His Bias

Media Watch Jul 1 2019

Immigrant Remittances are Private Foreign Aid

International Trade Jun 26 2019

Alan Reynolds on the Disappearing Middle Class

Growth: Consequences Jun 23 2019

Henderson on Uwe Reinhardt's Last Book

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 21 2019

Henderson on Cowen on Big Business

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 20 2019

Ominous News from the San Francisco Fed

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Ariely Misses an Obvious Economic Explanation

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AOC and Ted Cruz Come Around to My Way of Thinking

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Hummel on Understanding Monetary Policy

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7 Worst 21st Century Regulations

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My Economics of Golf Ball

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Martin Feldstein RIP

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A Conservative Irony

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AER's Efficiency Problem

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Electricity from Large Dams Does NOT Count as Renewable Energy

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Boudreaux's Export Error

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Craig Richardson on the Cuban Tragedy

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E-Verify's Perverse Effects

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Bio of William Nordhaus Is On Line

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Joe Newhouse's Failure of Omission

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Bio of Paul Romer is Online

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Henderson on U.S. Intervention Abroad

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My Ah Hah Moment About Academia

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McArdle's Confusion About Costs of Inputs

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Alice Rivlin Reminiscences

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Alice Rivlin Continued

Obituaries May 18 2019

Alice Rivlin RIP

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Coming Airline Competition

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Sanders and AOC's Elitist Credit Card Caps

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SEC Privilege

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Helicopters Over Manhattan

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Regulatory Reset In Idaho

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75 Minutes with Jordan Peterson

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Armen Alchian's Economic Forces at Work

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Robert Pear RIP

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The Power of Bastiat's Unseen

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Have Coase - Will Travel

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Symmetric Non-Discrimination

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Henderson on Furman and Summers

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A Question on Victims of Communism Day 2019

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Update of Carl Menger Bio

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The Art of Moral Self-Defense

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Dalmia's Almost Great Idea on Sanctuary Cities

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Ontario's Progress on Liquor Laws

Regulation Apr 22 2019

Hazlett on Facebook and Privacy

Business Economics Apr 20 2019


Liberty Apr 19 2019

Rate My Professor as Evidence for Education Signaling

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Stephen Moore for the Fed?

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Cowen on Optimal Marginal Tax Rates on CEOs

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A Strong Indicator of Economic Well-Being

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Tesla's Troubles

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Henderson on Bob Zadek Show

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Why Kidney Sales Should be Allowed

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Hidden Costs of the Minimum Wage

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Amazing Progress on Unemployment Claims

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The Life and Life and Life of the NATO Bureaucracy

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Hummel on Modern Monetary Theory

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Me on Bob Zadek Show This Morning

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The $60K Rafting Guide

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Richard Posner is Wrong on Billy Budd

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The Chemistry of Ethanol

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Oregon Government Rips Off Workers

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Henderson on Lars Larson

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Alan Krueger RIP

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Peter Berger's Historical Perspective

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Chicago's Lesser-Known Free Marketeer

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David Frum Accidentally Makes the Case for More Immigration

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Mankiw on Publishing Textbooks

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Gail Heriot

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The Law of Demand Strikes Again

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The Case for More Immigration

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Rent Control is Worse than Bombing

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Davis on Saez and Zucman

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A Missed Opportunity for Dianne Feinstein

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Green Airbnb

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A Modest Proposal for Prosecutors Who Lie

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Who's Afraid of Budget Deficits?

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Wilbur Hamilton Ross

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Van Doren on Payday Loans

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Cowen Interview with Jordan Peterson

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Wisdom from Tony Lip

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McCloskey on Liberalism

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Should Blackmail be Legal?

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Adam Smith's Beautiful Reductio ad Absurdum

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Ernie Fitzgerald RIP

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Cuomo Admits Tax Burden on "the Rich"

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Henderson on AOC and Allowing Billionaires

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Greg Mankiw Responds

Business Economics Feb 5 2019

Ask What Changed

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Good News on Employment

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Greg Mankiw Gets It Partly Right

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CBO As Agenda Setter on Tax Policy

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Pride and Prejudice and Violence

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A Rare Exception

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 25 2019

The Causes of the Detroit Riot

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Find the Contradiction

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Workplace Challenges

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Does Losing Less Mean that You Are Winning?

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Lipow on Stiglitz on Green New Deal

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Vignettes on Harold Demsetz

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Demsetz on Game Theory

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A Lesson on End of Life Care for Our Cat Joey

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Cowen Defends Existence of World Bank

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The Biggest Losers?

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Henderson on Hazlett and the FCC

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Three Felonies a Day?

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How One Worker Adjusted to Job Loss

Growth: Consequences Dec 28 2018

The Wall Probably Fails a Market Test

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Merry Christmas

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Sunstein's Book Has Strengths and Weaknesses

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A Friendly Amendment on the Border Wall

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The Unpredictability of Deregulation

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Tucker Carlson is Wrong

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Ain't a Dime's Worth of Difference?

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Bob Murphy Conversation with David Henderson

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Haiti > Cuba

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Henderson versus Leon Panetta on the Long War

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What is the United States?

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David Warsh on Selling Expenses versus Invisible Hand

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John Stossel Returns to His Roots

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Branko Milonavic's Confusion on Inequality

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David Warsh on Adam Smith

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Jeff Hummel on Slobodian

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From the Vault: My Correspondence with Robert Lekachman

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Katie Haun versus Paul Krugman on Cryptocurrency

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Trump's Shocking Trade Preferences

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The Wrong Lesson

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How to Push for Freedom

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How I Learned Classical Music from Cartoons and TV

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Armen Alchian's Prescient Advice to China

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Schrodinger's Immigrant

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Wisdom from Armen Alchian

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Good News on Iranian Sanctions

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You Didn't Build That

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Are Matt Yglesias's Words That Wise?

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Murphy on Nordhaus versus the UN

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The Destructive Consequences of Socialism

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The 21st Century Explosion in Global Wealth

Growth: Consequences Oct 31 2018

Henderson Speech in Dallas on Friday

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Adam Smith Anti-Imperialist

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Thick Margins

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Do Good Anyway

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Are Cars Much Better than 50 Years Ago?

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Biography of Christopher Sims

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I Need Some Muscle Over Here

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The Government is NOT the Public

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Niskanen Center Ignores William Nordhaus

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Jenkins on Trumps Ducking Taxes

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Rubin and Weinstein on the Intellectual Dark Web

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Crazy Rich Asians

Cross-country Comparisons Oct 11 2018

Henderson on Romer and Nordhaus in WSJ

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Paul Romer on Economic Growth

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Cathy Young on Putin's Russia

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Politics in the Classroom

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The Current Job Market

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Henderson on CNBC

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I Love the 21st Century

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A Cure For Our Health Care Ills: The Supply Side

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Supply and Demand Mysteriously Explain Price Changes

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The Vodnoy Paradox

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Daily Life in the Land of the Free

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Dynamic Silicon Valley

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Rogge's Effect on Trade

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Does Monopsony Lead to Lower Prices?

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Central Planning in War

Central Planning Sep 18 2018

Don Boudreaux's Ah-Hah Moment

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Henderson on Krueger on Terrorism

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Should Antitrust Be Used Against Amazon?

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Never Forget But Also Learn

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My Election Bet

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Heroic Joshua Childress

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Me on BBC on Trade War

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In Praise of CBS Sunday Morning

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Vaccination: Mandatory or Voluntary

Economics of Health Care Sep 7 2018

Federal Employees Often Undercut Their Bosses

Public Choice Theory Sep 6 2018

A Bet On Civil War

Economic Methods Sep 5 2018

WSJ Interview with George Gilder

Economic Growth Sep 4 2018

Live Free and Die?

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Sep 1 2018

James Mirrlees RIP

Tax Reform Aug 30 2018

A World of LBJs

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Epstein on Trump's Influence on the Economy

Economic Growth Aug 28 2018

Buckley on Churchill

Foreign Policy Aug 27 2018

Henderson on McCain Foreign Policy

Central Planning Aug 26 2018

Sobering Social Security Statistics

Public Choice Theory Aug 24 2018

A Partial Appreciation of Ayn Rand

Revealed Preference Aug 23 2018

Trump Just Shocked Me

Liberty Aug 22 2018

Who Blew Up Congress?

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Think on the Margin in Airport Lines

Entrepreneurship Aug 17 2018

Bill Gates Makes Classic Error

Business Economics Aug 17 2018

A Torch Kept Lit

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 15 2018

Perverse Insurance Regulation

Price Controls Aug 14 2018


Economic History Aug 13 2018

The Clancy Smith Ludwig Erhard Cigar Story

Economic History Aug 10 2018

Progress in Palestinians' Property Rights

Property Rights Aug 6 2018

Henderson's Heroism, Part II

Liberty Jul 31 2018

A Case Against a Carbon Tax For All Ideologies

Energy, Environment, Resources Jul 28 2018

Henderson's Heroism, Part I

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Reynolds on the Return of Antitrust

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The Whiskey Rebellion

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The Problems with Epp and Borghetto

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Tyler Cowen's Educational Non Sequitur

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Rick Geddes Explains the Postal Monopoly

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How Socialized Medicine Creates Dependence

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Benefits of the American Revolution

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Henderson's First Law of Econometrics

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A Partial Defense of Wayne Crews

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Is This Right on Global Warming?

Energy, Environment, Resources Jun 27 2018

Still Mine

Property Rights Jun 24 2018

Henderson on Radical Markets

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Henderson on Pinker

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The New York Times' Shoddy Reporting

Media Watch Jun 19 2018

Whose Tariff Rates Are Higher?

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War Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

International Trade Jun 11 2018

Trump's Dangerous Game

International Trade Jun 7 2018

Compassionate Diversified Capitalist

Business Economics Jun 7 2018

Obama Trumped Trump

Finance Jun 6 2018

A Cure for Our Health Care Ills

Economics of Health Care Jun 4 2018

Trump's Unemployment Tweet

Finance Jun 3 2018

Henderson on BBC on Trade War

International Trade Jun 3 2018

Warriors Moneyball

Competition Jun 2 2018

Why is the CEA So Effective?

Public Choice Theory May 31 2018

Caplan on Education

Economics of Education May 30 2018

The Scary Economics of Illegal Fentanyl

Economics of Crime May 29 2018

Friedman on Ending Government Programs

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 28 2018

Robert Poole on Airline Deregulation

Regulation May 26 2018

Remember Your Goal

Economic Philosophy May 24 2018

Douglas Irwin on Trump's Views on Trade

International Trade May 23 2018

Jeff Hummel on David Andolfatto

Fiscal Policy May 22 2018

Workers Affect Worker Safety Too

Labor Market May 18 2018

Little Pink House Is a 9

Liberty May 17 2018

Futures Trading Brought Down Bitcoin Price

Finance: stocks, options, etc. May 15 2018

Two Good Economists' Letters

International Trade May 13 2018

80 Years Before Card and Krueger

Labor Market May 13 2018

Another Thought About Why U.S. Wages Haven't Risen Much

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing May 9 2018

The Posner and Weyl Historical Error

Labor Market May 8 2018

Henderson on Leland Yeager

International Macroeconomics May 7 2018

Cleopatra's Contribution to Starvation

Public Choice Theory May 6 2018

Weissman Interview with Robin Hanson

Income Distribution May 5 2018

Krugman on a Wage Puzzle

Labor Market May 4 2018

The Neglected Supply Side in Health Care

Economics of Health Care May 3 2018

A Short Paragraph Full of Errors

Monopoly May 1 2018

More Wisdom from Steven Pinker's Enlightenment

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Blinder's Blunder on Social Security

Public Choice Theory Apr 28 2018

Henderson on Lars Larsen Show

Fiscal Policy Apr 26 2018

Tom Sowell Still Going Strong

Labor Market Apr 25 2018

Leland Yeager, RIP

Obituaries Apr 24 2018

Passionate Wisdom from Steven Pinker

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 24 2018


Labor Market Apr 23 2018

Quickly Admitting You're Wrong

Economic Methods Apr 22 2018

I Found It at the Movies

Liberty Apr 21 2018

An Economist Deals With a Cancelled Flight

Behavioral Economics Apr 17 2018

Default or High Inflation?

Fiscal Policy Apr 16 2018

Why I Find It Easy to Admit Mistakes

Economic Methods Apr 15 2018

Good News on Tuition from the Conversable Economist

Economics of Education Apr 13 2018

Adam Smith on the Glory of War

Behavioral Economics Apr 12 2018

Henderson at Indiana University East

Labor Market Apr 11 2018

What about Capital?

Productivity Apr 10 2018

Auto Arbitrage

Business Economics Apr 6 2018

Cannon on How to Fix Obamacare

Economics of Health Care Apr 5 2018

Henderson and Torres on Immigration

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Apr 3 2018

Robert P. Murphy on Economists and Statistical Tests

Cost-benefit Analysis Apr 3 2018

What the 1% and 99% Leave Out

Public Choice Theory Apr 2 2018

My Talk at CSUMB

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Apr 1 2018

Gordon Tullock Bio

Public Choice Theory Mar 30 2018

Wise Wager?

Game Theory Mar 29 2018

Britschgi on Mass Transit

Regulation and Subsidies Mar 28 2018

Salinas Event on Immigration

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Mar 28 2018

Who Has a Right to Your Body?

Liberty Mar 25 2018

Henderson on How We Dodged a Bullet

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 24 2018

Henderson on George Melloan

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 21 2018

Henderson at Mississippi State

Income Distribution Mar 20 2018

Reminder on Troy Speech Today

Upcoming Events Mar 20 2018

Uber Scam?

Business Economics Mar 17 2018

Henderson at Troy University

Labor Market Mar 16 2018

Reminder on Brescia Speech Today

Growth: Consequences Mar 14 2018

A War on the Rich Won't Help the Poor

Income Distribution Mar 12 2018

Henderson Speech at Brescia University

Income Distribution Mar 12 2018

Letter From a Former Student

Business Economics Mar 10 2018

MIT Technology Review's Huge Logical Fallacy

Income Distribution Mar 9 2018

Another Case Against Education

Education Mar 8 2018

Henderson on Gary Cohn's Resignation

International Trade Mar 8 2018

Bio of Gordon Tullock

Politics and Economics Mar 7 2018

Landsburg on the Safeguard Clause

International Trade Mar 6 2018

Of Diet Cokes and Brain-Focused Economics

Behavioral Economics Mar 5 2018

An Intruder Confesses

Business Economics Mar 3 2018

If You Hurt Us, We're Going to Hurt Us Too

International Trade Mar 2 2018

Senator Flake's Version of Due Process

Central Planning Mar 1 2018

Of Ad Hominems and Incentives

Incentives Feb 28 2018

Caplan versus Hanushek

Economics of Education Feb 26 2018

Roberts and Peterson on Human Connection

Behavioral Economics Feb 25 2018

A Balanced View of Trump

Public Choice Theory Feb 21 2018

Reminder: Talk at Webber International University

Income Distribution Feb 21 2018

Henderson on Economic Inequality

Growth: Consequences Feb 20 2018

I LOVE the Olympics

Competition Feb 19 2018

Speech at Webber International University in Florida

Growth: Consequences Feb 19 2018

Posner and Weyl on Sponsoring Immigrants

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Feb 18 2018

Hurray for the Imminent End of Polio

Economics of Health Care Feb 17 2018

Henderson and Furman on Kudlow

Fiscal Policy Feb 16 2018

The Tragedy of Modern Academia

Economics of Education Feb 15 2018

Perspective on Yellen

Monetary Policy Feb 15 2018

Why Bryan Caplan Won His Gasoline Bet

Energy, Environment, Resources Feb 14 2018

Caligula's Wish

Liberty Feb 13 2018

Economics Everywhere Even in Sports

Labor Market Feb 12 2018

The Tea Party is Dead

Public Choice Theory Feb 11 2018

We're Number 17

Liberty Feb 10 2018

Oxfam or Oxgov?

Income Distribution Feb 9 2018

Richer than Rockefeller?

Finance Feb 8 2018

Southern Blacks Voted With Their Feet

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Feb 5 2018

An Immigration Puzzle Solved

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Feb 4 2018

Good News on the Economy

Economic Growth Feb 2 2018

Government Innumeracy

Behavioral Economics Feb 1 2018

Free the Jesuit Slaves!

Liberty Jan 30 2018

Kling on Rules for Life

Economic Philosophy Jan 28 2018

Burger King Has It Its Way

Business Economics Jan 26 2018

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Growth: Consequences Jan 25 2018

My Interview with Murphy-Lara

Austrian Economics Jan 25 2018

Right to Work Works

Labor Market Jan 23 2018

We're Number 11, We're Number 11!

Competition Jan 23 2018

Henderson on Tillerson

Foreign Policy Jan 22 2018

Response to a New Zealander

Trade Barriers Jan 21 2018

Hope for Italy?

Tax Reform Jan 21 2018

The Big Victims of Drug Prohibition

Economics of Crime Jan 18 2018

For a Free Market in Plasma

Economic Philosophy Jan 16 2018

Hillary Clinton Was Wrong

Economics of Crime Jan 15 2018

Welcoming Prejudice

Economic Education Jan 14 2018

Has President Trump Been Very Consequential?

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 12 2018

But or Therefore?

Regulation Jan 11 2018

Economic Freedom via Freedom of Speech

Law and Economics Jan 10 2018

Henderson on Trump

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 9 2018

Henderson on The New Tax Law

Tax Reform Jan 9 2018

Jonathan Weisman's Bias

Media Watch Jan 7 2018

Kathleen Wynne is Wrong

Labor Market Jan 4 2018

Play the Hand You're Dealt

Economic Philosophy Jan 4 2018

The Unintended Consequences of Drug Reimportation

Economics of Health Care Jan 3 2018

Mea Culpa on Fourth Amendment Showdown

Economics of Crime Jan 2 2018

Steven Horwitz

In Politics, Everyone has to Eat the Olives

Economic Education Apr 2 2021

The Invisible Order of the Black Family: Part 2

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Putting Entrepreneurship on the Menu

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The Real Cost of Expensive Cancer Drugs

Economics of Health Care Oct 2 2020

Follow the SOCIAL Science, too.

Public Health Sep 19 2020

The Future of Travel

Microeconomics Sep 4 2020

Power, Privilege, and Liberalism

Austrian Economics Aug 17 2020

Cost and the Agony of Choice

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Robinson Crusoe: Not Exactly Isolated

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 17 2020

Some Thoughts on the Apparent Demise of Sears

Business Economics Oct 22 2018