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Pierre Lemieux

Lessons from China (and from Hayek)

Cross-country Comparisons Jun 6 2021

Economic Justification for Chinese Coercion?

Central Planning Jun 2 2021

Tulsa Under an Economics-of-Politics Lens

Economic Philosophy Jun 1 2021

The Producer as a Guilty Prostitute

Energy, Environment, Resources May 28 2021

Should Hateful Speech Be Banned?

Central Planning May 19 2021

Politics Without Romance

Politics and Economics May 16 2021

“Externalities”: Handle with Great Care

Cost-benefit Analysis May 10 2021

Saying Just About Anything

Law and Economics May 3 2021

That Time Was Different?

Politics and Economics Apr 21 2021

The Problem in Bertrand de Jouvenel

Economic Philosophy Apr 19 2021

Hitler's Version of MMT

Monetary Policy Apr 15 2021

A Better Solution: Tax Rocks or Churches

Fiscal Policy Apr 9 2021

Should Karl Marx Be Canceled?

Economic Philosophy Apr 5 2021

Externalities and Our Children

Politics and Economics Apr 1 2021

Privileges and Privacy for the Rulers

Economic Philosophy Mar 29 2021

Individual and Collective Choices in Cars

Economic Philosophy Mar 22 2021

The Pandemic in Europe and America

Cross-country Comparisons Mar 13 2021

Paul Krugman and the Notion of Choice

Economic Philosophy Mar 8 2021

The President and the Good King Dagobert

Political Economy Mar 5 2021

Is Amazon a Corporate Mother Teresa?

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 3 2021

The Mysterious Microchip Shortage

Business Economics Feb 22 2021

Will Joe Biden Be a Dictator?

Economic Philosophy Feb 16 2021

Will Walmart Save America?

Business Economics Feb 15 2021

Vaccine Adventures

Central Planning Feb 10 2021

The Economics of Violence: A Short Introduction

Economics of Crime Feb 9 2021

The Mittens of Mr. Sanders: Economic Lessons

Economic Philosophy Jan 25 2021

Biden's Endearing but Collectivist Inaugural Speech

Economic Philosophy Jan 20 2021

Why Is the Vaccine Distribution So Difficult?

Central Planning Jan 19 2021

Total Government à la Irving Fisher Is Not Ideal

Economic Philosophy Jan 18 2021

No "Will of the People" in the Election

Politics and Economics Jan 10 2021

Criminal Incentives: A Horrible Illustration

Economics of Crime Jan 7 2021

U.S. Tariffs Are Not "More Punishing to China"

Economic Education Jan 4 2021

Free Enterprise: A Daring New Year Wish

Central Planning Dec 31 2020

New Year Wish: Political Wars of Religion?

Economic Philosophy Dec 29 2020

Open Letter to Voters: Political Sunk Costs

Behavioral Economics Dec 24 2020

Jim Crow: More Racist than the Railroads

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 18 2020

Generally Accepted Rules and the Election

Institutional Economics Dec 16 2020

Similarity Between Socialism and Fascism: An Illustration

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 9 2020

The Pivotal Justice in the Supreme Court Decision?

Politics and Economics Nov 27 2020

Elections Are Not a Ruler's Toy Nor a Sacred Panacea

Politics and Economics Nov 23 2020

The Populists and Napoléon

Economic History Nov 19 2020

Why a Vast Election Fraud Is Highly Implausible

Economics of Crime Nov 16 2020

188 Years After the Death of Jean-Baptiste Say

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 12 2020

The Liberal Solution

Liberty Nov 6 2020

Zoom and the Society of Meddlers

Competition Nov 5 2020

Imports as a “Drag on the Economy”

International Trade Oct 20 2020

Is it OK to Use the R Word?

Economic Philosophy Oct 16 2020

Facebook's Decision about the Holocaust

Economic Philosophy Oct 13 2020

Zico and Ammo under Price Controls

Central Planning Oct 8 2020

A Story of Love and Hate

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 3 2020

Impoverishing Economic Illiteracy

Free Markets Sep 28 2020

Is Modern Democracy So Modern and How?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 18 2020

The Logic of Protectionist Nationalists

Free Markets Sep 16 2020

What Is Populism? The People V. the People

Economic Philosophy Sep 11 2020

Repression of Economic Freedom: The Case of Eggs

Politics and Economics Sep 2 2020

Economics: Prices, Pri-ces, P.R.I.C.E.S.

Economic Methods Aug 24 2020

Mencken’s 100-Year-Old Prediction Realized, Twice

Politics and Economics Aug 19 2020

Why Shortages Are Not More Widespread

Price Controls Aug 17 2020

US Government Punishing Americans Again

Economic Philosophy Aug 7 2020

Should Jane Decide Who Gets the Vaccine?

Economic Philosophy Aug 3 2020

Economists Should Not Forget Supply and Demand

Economic Education Aug 2 2020

The 1918 Pandemic and Economic Freedom

Economic Growth Jul 23 2020

Is Being a Cop So Dangerous?

Liberty Jul 7 2020

Some Reflections on Reparations for Slavery

Economic Philosophy Jul 7 2020

Flesh & Soul, Economics & Liberal Arts

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 4 2020

Masks: Dr. Fauci Confirms My Hypothesis

Price Controls Jul 2 2020

The Scientific Look-and-Feel of Public Health

Economic Methods Jul 1 2020

Closing or Reopening the Economy

Economic Philosophy Jun 28 2020

The "Trump Economy" Before Covid-19

Economic Growth Jun 18 2020

Discrimination and State Power

Economic Philosophy Jun 16 2020

The American Economy Just Before Covid-19

Business Cycles Jun 9 2020

A Humble State with No Motorcade

Incentives Jun 4 2020

Major Advantage of a Limited State

Free Markets May 26 2020

The National-Security Fraud

Politics and Economics May 23 2020

Rumors of War

Violence and War May 14 2020

"Our Most Fundamental American Values"

Free Markets May 11 2020

Collectivist or Confused Clause in the WaPo

Economic Philosophy May 10 2020

The Abominable $1200 Gift: Timeo Danaos...

Political Economy May 1 2020

Owing the Public Debt to Ourselves

Economic Philosophy Apr 27 2020

Black Markets Raise their Ugly Head

Adam Smith Apr 14 2020

Toilet Paper: Increasing Marginal Cost

Price Controls Apr 13 2020

The Economic Approach to Public Health

Public Health Apr 12 2020

Oil prices: Laissez faire, morbleu!

Politics and Economics Apr 10 2020

Economic Theory and the Real World

Price Controls Apr 9 2020

Everyone Belongs to Everyone Else

Economic Philosophy Apr 9 2020

When Free-Market Prices Are Banned

Free Markets Apr 1 2020

Let Decadent Airlines Go Bankrupt

Free Markets Mar 24 2020

The Future, as Things Are Going

Liberty Mar 22 2020

Government Failure on a Grand Scale

Price Controls Mar 20 2020

Four Books for Social Distancing

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 16 2020

Rothwell Si, Piketty No!

Economic Philosophy Mar 15 2020

You Will Never See the World as Before

Politics and Economics Mar 12 2020

At Least Two Ongoing Pandemics

Public Health Mar 12 2020

Don’t Confuse Shortage and Smurfage

Economic Education Mar 6 2020

Three Cheers for the Coronavirus???

Free Markets Feb 27 2020

Arguments for Compulsory Vaccination

Public Goods Feb 17 2020

Markets Against the Mob's Purpose

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 15 2020

Conservatives Make SJWs Happy

Economic Philosophy Feb 9 2020

MMT Gospel: Is This Time Different?

Monetary Policy Feb 3 2020

Why Would a Rational Being Say That?

Behavioral Economics Feb 1 2020

Funny Things About the Epidemic

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 30 2020

Hiring a Research Assistant or a Cowboy

Labor Market Jan 28 2020

A Simple Argument Against Ex-Im

Free Markets Jan 20 2020

Ah, If H.L. Mencken Were Back!

International Trade Jan 15 2020

Manufacturing: An Example of Industrial Policy

Business Economics Jan 12 2020

The United States Killed Soleimani, Right?

Economic Methods Jan 4 2020

Four Economic Lessons from the Nativity

Competition Dec 25 2019

Another War on Drugs and on Certain Citizens

Economics of Health Care Dec 20 2019

Is the Fall of Unemployment Good?

Economic Growth Dec 12 2019

The Basics: Anarchy and Public Goods

Political Economy Dec 6 2019

Public Health, Parens Patriae, and Sex

Economic Philosophy Dec 1 2019

The State as Our Father (or Loving Mother)

Political Economy Nov 28 2019

From Sewer Workers to Literary Men

Economic Philosophy Nov 25 2019

Milton Friedman

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 16 2019

Banning E-Cigarette Flavors

Political Economy Nov 3 2019

The Autocrat and the Free Press: A Model

Political Economy Oct 25 2019

Is It Sufficient to Just Believe?

Behavioral Economics Oct 17 2019

Did Sustainable Atlas Shrug?

Economic Philosophy Oct 12 2019

Do People Want to Be Free?

Income Distribution Oct 7 2019

The Pursuit of Nuttiness

Energy, Environment, Resources Oct 2 2019

American Sanctions: Why Foreigners Obey

Foreign Policy Oct 1 2019

The Problem of France

Cryptocurrency Sep 16 2019

The Purpose of a Gun Is Not to Kill

Moral Reasoning Sep 2 2019

Why Turkeys Are an Endangered Species

Energy, Environment, Resources Aug 28 2019

Rights as Government Power and the Kiss of Judas

Economic Philosophy Aug 25 2019

And They Want to be Sovereign!

Liberty Aug 18 2019

Ethnic Studies and Hxrstory: Not Doubleplusgood

Economic Philosophy Aug 17 2019

El Paso etc.: A New Behavioral-Economics Bias?

Behavioral Economics Aug 14 2019

A Simple Economic Question About Guns

Incentives Aug 14 2019

Are Trade Wars “Good and Easy to Win”?

International Trade Aug 6 2019

Minimum Wage: A Most Remarkable Belief

Cost-benefit Analysis Jul 17 2019

Anecdotes vs. Data in the Trade War

International Trade Jul 9 2019

Prescription Drug Prices: Retaliatory Socialism

Economics of Health Care Jul 6 2019

A Delight in Despotism: The Case of Vaping

Economic Philosophy Jul 5 2019

Antitrust and Ideology

Competition Jul 2 2019

A Move to the Left?

Economic Philosophy Jun 27 2019

A Chicken Game Between Two Governments

Foreign Policy Jun 23 2019

Tiananmen Square, June 5, 1989

Political Economy Jun 9 2019

New Sanctions Against Americans

Foreign Policy Jun 5 2019

Rare Earths: Make Trade, Not War

Foreign Policy Jun 1 2019

Gross Domestic Error in The Economist

Economic Education May 28 2019

Recognizing a Tyrant or Tyrant-To-Be

Economic Methods May 18 2019

Walmart Bullied by Government, or Was It?

Economic Philosophy May 12 2019

Theatre of the Absurd: Godot, Trump, and Xi

International Trade May 9 2019

The Trump Economic Boom

Economic Growth May 5 2019

Live and Let Live

Economic Philosophy May 1 2019

Effects of the 2018 Tariffs on Washing Machines

International Trade Apr 23 2019

Government Expenditures in GDP

Economic Methods Apr 21 2019

As Notre-Dame de Paris Was Burning...

Economic Philosophy Apr 15 2019

Governing Ourselves

Economic Philosophy Apr 14 2019

Condorcet's Brexit

Politics and Economics Apr 9 2019

A Powerful Argument from Don Boudreaux

International Macroeconomics Apr 3 2019

Do "We" Want to Rule Over Others?

Economic Philosophy Mar 30 2019

Nearly Two decades After 9/11

Political Economy Mar 23 2019

Another War on Drugs and Deplorables?

Economic Philosophy Mar 15 2019

The Importation of Prescription Drugs

Economic Philosophy Mar 5 2019

Nationalism and Cow Vigilantism

Economic Philosophy Mar 5 2019

No Canadian Toilet Paper for Americans

International Trade Mar 1 2019

The Trade Balance Chimera in Two Sentences

International Trade Feb 25 2019

An Argument for a Marriage Tariff

Economic Philosophy Feb 21 2019

Candyish Government

Economic Philosophy Feb 15 2019

Protectionism for Dummies

International Trade Feb 3 2019

Anthony de Jasay (1925-2019)

Economic Philosophy Jan 26 2019

Social Nirvana

History of Economic Thought Jan 24 2019

Victimized By One's Own Mercedes

Competition Jan 20 2019

Who Will Pay for the Wall?

International Trade Jan 10 2019

A New Year’s Resolution for Statocrats

Behavioral Economics Dec 31 2018

Merry Mathematical Christmas!

Economic Methods Dec 25 2018

No Economic Reason to Fear China

Competition Dec 22 2018

Oil Prices and Inflation

Microeconomics Dec 16 2018

Consumer Sovereignty: A Response to Greg Autry

Economic Philosophy Dec 6 2018

Post Scriptum on Steel Tariffs

Business Economics Dec 5 2018

Individuals Respond Rationally to Incentives

Behavioral Economics Nov 26 2018

Of Oil Prices and Government Power

Competition Nov 23 2018

Liberty, Authority, and Giuliani

Economic Philosophy Nov 19 2018

Enemy of the People

Liberty Nov 10 2018

Guns or Butter, Cannabis or Wine, and Other Choices

Economic Philosophy Oct 29 2018

The Ideal of Population Control

Foreign Policy Oct 23 2018

One Benefit of Tariffs

International Trade Oct 19 2018

Climate Agnosticism Vs. Insurance Companies

Energy, Environment, Resources Oct 16 2018

Tariffs and the Trade Deficit

Economic Methods Oct 12 2018

Ideology and the Interpretation of Reality

Politics and Economics Oct 9 2018

The Long Road to a Banana Republic?

Business Economics Oct 8 2018

Preferences and Choice: A Distinction

Economic Education Oct 7 2018

Longing for Oneness and Sameness

Economic Philosophy Oct 3 2018

The Poverty of Protectionism

International Trade Oct 2 2018

Retaliation Against Chinese Authoritarianism

Economic Philosophy Sep 26 2018

A "Me-Too" Externality?

Economics of Crime Sep 24 2018

Are Libertarians Crazy?

Liberty Sep 20 2018

Of Volkswagens and Bouquinistes

Free Markets Sep 17 2018

Logic, Theory, and Accounting

Economic Methods Sep 15 2018

The St. Louis Fed on Imports and GDP

Economic Education Sep 6 2018

Trade Will Never Be Fair and Balanced

International Trade Sep 5 2018

An Extreme Example of Politico-Speak

Behavioral Economics Sep 4 2018

Trade and Force

Competition Sep 3 2018

The Free Trader as a Traitor

Economic History Aug 28 2018

The Silver Lining of Negationism

Competition Aug 22 2018

Land Taxes: The Return of Henry George

Income Distribution Aug 17 2018

A Disreputable Fringe

Incentives Aug 8 2018

Grudge, Vengeance, and Boredom

Economics of Crime Aug 5 2018

Why does Anyone in this City Need a Gun?

Economics of Crime Jul 24 2018

Missing Something About Populism?

Liberty Jul 17 2018

FOMC’s Staff Is Wrong or Sloppy

Economic Methods Jul 13 2018

Do People Want Liberty?

Economic Philosophy Jul 11 2018

Wilbur Ross's and Charles de Gaulle's Common Idea

Politics and Economics Jul 4 2018

Making Americans Work for Foreigners

Free Markets Jul 2 2018

Predicting Trade Wars

Incentives Jun 20 2018

Immigration: A Confession and a Value Judgment

Economic Philosophy Jun 19 2018

Breastfeeding and Incentives

Incentives Jun 17 2018

Why the Surveillance State is Dangerous

Politics and Economics Jun 10 2018

Why We Work for the Chinese

International Trade Jun 5 2018

Job Creation in North Korea and America

International Trade Jun 2 2018

A Simple Idea to Rediscover

Political Economy Jun 1 2018

An Extreme Case of Ignorance or Something Else?

International Trade May 24 2018

The Beauty of Trade

International Trade May 16 2018

A Parable About ZTE

International Trade May 15 2018

A Recession Soon?

International Trade May 8 2018

Corn or Oil: Choosing Sides

International Trade May 1 2018

Exclusionary Inclusivity

Business Economics Apr 27 2018

A Collectivist Case for Trade, but not FREE Trade

International Trade Apr 19 2018

Thinking About War

Foreign Policy Apr 16 2018

Not Enough Women at Wikipedia?

Labor Market Apr 6 2018

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

International Trade Mar 30 2018

The Danger of Intellectual Ruts

International Trade Mar 19 2018

The National-Security Argument for Protectionism

International Trade Mar 7 2018

Trade in the CEA's Annual Report

International Trade Mar 2 2018

A Simplistic Model of Public Policy

Cost-benefit Analysis Feb 24 2018

Searching for the Individual

Economics and Culture Feb 14 2018

A Bad Solution to Very Real Problems

Monetary Policy Jan 31 2018

A Frequent Confusion and the Yo-Yo Economic Model

Economic Education Jan 29 2018

"Ice is not Ice" and the Limits of Conversation

Economic Philosophy Jan 22 2018

The Political Firm

Business Economics Jan 8 2018

Christmas Gifts Made Far Away

International Trade Dec 23 2017

Free Trade Agreements v Unilateral Free Trade

International Trade Dec 15 2017

Recognizing a Unicorn When You See One

Economic Methods Dec 1 2017

Taking Comparative Advantage Seriously

International Trade Nov 17 2017

Misleading Bureaucratese

Economic Education Oct 30 2017

Attacking Civilians in War

Moral Reasoning Oct 20 2017

A Protectionist Utopia?

International Trade Oct 11 2017

Jayme Lemke

Thank you, Dr. Williams

Obituaries Dec 2 2020

The Ugly History of Forced Sterilization

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 1 2020

RBG and the “Waypavers”

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 22 2020

Hello Mind, Nice to Meet Ya

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 16 2020

Stay Out of Holly Golightly’s Way

Economics and Culture Sep 1 2020

Five Essential Books on Public Choice

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 22 2020

Ready, Set, Go! Five Great First Books on Public Choice

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 17 2020

The Liberal Peace

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 13 2020

Hannah Mather Crocker on Groveling Minds and Women who Shine

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 3 2020

Is it time for Hannah Mather Crocker?

Economic History Feb 25 2020

To the Victor Goes the History

Economic History Feb 4 2020

Withdrawing Compliance

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 8 2020

G. Patrick Lynch

Self-Interest, Public Good, and the Royal Society of Arts

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 23 2021

Wayne Rogers: Much More than M*A*S*H

Economics and Culture Nov 9 2020

Costco Joins the COVID Fight

Business Economics Oct 25 2020

Five Books for the 2020 Election

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 23 2020

Governing the Prisons

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 11 2020

Brains and Bias, continued.

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 31 2020

Brains and Bias: A Review of Science Fictions

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 28 2020

Purdue Uses the Spike

Public Choice Theory Aug 21 2020

Coasian Spike Solution

Public Health Aug 6 2020

Tullock's COVID Spike

Law and Economics Jul 28 2020

Punishment without Prisons

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 7 2020

Markets, Morality, and Mises

Austrian Economics Apr 17 2020

Non-profits can be Monopolists, too

Incentives Apr 9 2020

Rent-Seeking: Not Just a Public Problem

Public Choice Theory Oct 29 2019

The End of Liberalism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 16 2018