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Statistical theory and methods

The FDA's Extreme Innumeracy

David Henderson May 6 2022

Angrist's Critique of Card and Krueger

Chris Schwing Oct 17 2021

NIH Head's Shocking Innumeracy

Chris Schwing Aug 17 2021

The Origin of SARS-Cov-2

Chris Schwing Jun 19 2021

Covid Caution and Curry

David Henderson Mar 29 2021

On Price Formation Theory

Vernon Smith Mar 23 2021

To Fear or Not to Fear: That is the Question

David Henderson Nov 27 2020

Counting the Cost

Sarah Skwire Nov 27 2020

Dogs, Mountain Lions, and COVID-19

David Henderson Nov 18 2020

Brains and Bias, continued.

G. Patrick Lynch Aug 31 2020