RSS Feeds for EconTalk

Overview of RSS Feeds for EconTalk

EconTalk offers customizable free audio and text feeds for our weekly podcast episodes. You can subscribe to our audio files or our text feeds. You can also listen online or download any podcast episode at any time from our website.

You can subscribe to as many feeds as you like. You can subscribe to both a listening feed and a text feed. All of our EconTalk feeds are available free of charge.

Please Note: Some of our RSS feed urls have changed since our updated design/platform revisions initiated on June 13, 2018. The revised RSS feed urls are listed and described below.

List of available RSS Feeds for EconTalk

There are two main types of RSS feeds for listening to EconTalk: listening feeds and text feeds. Listening feeds provide links to the mp3 files plus short descriptions. Text feeds additionally provide the option to comment, plus related resources such as links to readings mentioned in the podcast episode and the Highlights–time-marked text summaries of the podcast episode.