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Basic Concepts

These entries are a mix of the building blocks of economics such as supply, demand, opportunity cost, property rights, information, and marginalism, and some basics about the world, in particular the United States, such as poverty in America

Corporations and Financial Markets

The entries are on various aspects of corporations, including financial structure, bankruptcy, the stock market, and the market for corporate control

Economic History

As the category’s name suggests, entries in this category are on important historical developments, two of the main ones being the Industrial Revolution and the Great Depression

Economic Regulation

With extensive government regulation of many industries, there are many entries on aspects of that regulation, in industries ranging from agriculture, airlines, and energy to trucking and pharmaceuticals

CEE Biographies

Adam Smith

  With The Wealth of Nations Adam Smith installed himself as the leading expositor of economic thought. Currents of Adam Smith run through the works published by David Ricardo and Karl Marx in the nineteenth century, and by John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman in the twentieth. Adam Smith was born in a small village […]

François Quesnay

  François Quesnay was the leading figure of the Physiocrats, generally considered to be the first school of economic thinking. The name “Physiocrat” derives from the Greek words phýsis, meaning “nature,” and kràtos, meaning “power.” The Physiocrats believed that an economy’s power derived from its agricultural sector. They wanted the government of Louis XV, who […]

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