Seriously, FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration decided yesterday to strictly limit”who can receive Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine.” Why? Because of “the ongoing risk of rare but serious blood clots.”

How rare but serious? Matthew Perrone and Lauren Neergaard, in “FDA restricts J&J’s COVID-19 due to blood clot risk,”, May 5, 2022, write:

Federal scientists identified 60 cases, including nine that were fatal, as of mid-March. That amounts to one blood clot case per 3.23 million J&J shots administered, the FDA said Thursday. The vaccine will carry a starker warning about potential “long-term and debilitating health consequences” of the side effect.

Since 9 out of the 60 were fatal, that amounts to 1 death from a blood clot out of 21.5 million shots.

What’s next? The Department of Transportation telling us not to drive because there are 1.34 fatalities for every 100 million vehicles traveled?