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Alberto Mingardi

Shen Yun and Advocacy

Cross-country Comparisons Apr 11 2023

Mario Vargas Llosa's classical liberalism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 17 2023

Three cheers for Michelle Yeoh

Economics and Culture Mar 13 2023

Antifragile children

Economics of Education Mar 3 2023

Bruno Leoni and libertarianism

#ReadWithMe Feb 27 2023

Leoni, legislation and representation

#ReadWithMe Feb 21 2023

Bruno Leoni and Judge Made Law

#ReadWithMe Feb 14 2023

Dear classical liberal friends, please read Alessandro Manzoni.

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 7 2023

Paul Johnson, the last of his kind.

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 18 2023

Angelo Codevilla RIP

Obituaries Sep 24 2021

What's happening in Peru?

Cross-country Comparisons Jun 6 2021

Francesco Ferrara and the nirvana fallacy

Economic Philosophy May 31 2021

Did DARPA invent the Internet?

Public Health May 26 2021

Industrial policy and COVID vaccines

Business Economics May 13 2021

A very important Spanish election

Politics and Economics May 4 2021

The Future of Europe and its "Ever Closer" Debt

Cross-country Comparisons Apr 22 2021

Is there a market for thoughtful conservatism in the US?

Cross-country Comparisons Apr 12 2021

Mission Economy: The New Book by Mariana Mazzucato

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 7 2021

Books for the Future

Adam Smith Apr 1 2021

Danone and the Future of Shareholder Capitalism

Business Economics Mar 18 2021

An Ordoliberalism Primer on Project Syndicate

Economic Growth Mar 15 2021

The case against COVID lockdowns, well argued.

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 10 2021

Boris Johnson's reopening plan

Business Economics Feb 24 2021

Terence Kealey on the British ARPA

Central Planning Feb 23 2021

Amity Shlaes and the Challenges for Free Market Scholars

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 15 2021

Daniel Layman and the forgotten Lockeans

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 5 2021

Stakeholder Capitalism and the "Great Reset"

Business Economics Feb 1 2021

Is there politics after polarization?

Politics and Economics Jan 30 2021

John Kay on Mariana Mazzucato's Capitalism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 22 2021

"Shakespeare in Love" and the Humanity of Business.

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 13 2021

COVID's effects on Europe

Institutional Economics Jan 5 2021

Happy birthday, LvB!

Economics and Culture Dec 16 2020

Matt Zwolinski defends Herbert Spencer

Entrepreneurship Dec 10 2020

Pope Francis ♥ Mariana Mazzucato

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 6 2020

Communities in the pandemic

Public Health Nov 26 2020

It Pays to be Positive?

Cross-country Comparisons Nov 24 2020

The pervasive myth of the entrepreneurial state

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 5 2020

Madame de Staël on the Media and Liberty

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 4 2020

Italy's second lockdown

Public Health Oct 31 2020

Krastev on Pandemic and Politics

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 26 2020

A Straight Line from Friedman to the White House?

Business Economics Oct 13 2020

Cancelling David Hume

Economics and Culture Oct 1 2020

Mazzucato and "Climate Lockdowns"

Competition Sep 28 2020

Enriques on Friedman

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 26 2020

The chair and its enemies

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 14 2020

Brexiters FOR State Aid?

Eurozone crisis Sep 11 2020

Two Cheers for Small Business

Business Economics Sep 10 2020

Skidelsky on Economics

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 8 2020

Shall We Care About Innovation?

#ReadWithMe Aug 24 2020

Who Invented the Computer?

#ReadWithMe Aug 21 2020

Who Invented the Dog?

#ReadWithMe Aug 20 2020

Innovation Travels

#ReadWithMe Aug 18 2020

The Marvel of Trains

#ReadWithMe Aug 12 2020

Serendipity and Innovation

#ReadWithMe Aug 10 2020

Why Matt Ridley Writes on Innovation

#ReadWithMe Aug 4 2020

Italy's Venezuelan Moment

Regulation Jul 27 2020

The European Union, Italy writ large

Economic Growth Jul 24 2020

Will Italy get the "upside" of COVID?

Public Health Jul 8 2020

Economic Affairs on COVID19

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 7 2020

The Anticapitalist Mentality

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 5 2020

The Invention of Government, starring Mariana Mazzucato

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 3 2020

Sowell on Writing

Austrian Economics Jun 30 2020

The UK and Covid19

Central Planning Jun 26 2020

How "socialist" was national socialism?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 22 2020

Keynes, Friedman and champagne

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 11 2020

Will COVID-19 kill Europe's state aid discipline?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 10 2020

Fontana on Emergency COVID Measures

Economic History Jun 8 2020

Tabellini on Alesina

Obituaries May 26 2020

Mariana Mazzucato on Covid-19 and "small" government

Economics of Health Care May 25 2020

Lockdowns in Europe: The Evidence So Far

Public Health May 22 2020

Face Mask Price Controls in Italy

Price Controls May 21 2020

Limited government optimism?

Public Health May 15 2020

Covid19 and Project Fear

Politics and Economics May 9 2020

Italy moves to "Phase 2"

Price Controls Apr 30 2020

Kealey on the South Korean response to Covid19

Cross-country Comparisons Apr 29 2020

Covid19 and Leviathan

Public Health Apr 27 2020

Hodgskin on Econlib

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 14 2020

Pandemics and Liberty

Liberty Apr 10 2020

Death and Red Tape

Public Health Apr 9 2020

Food for thought from Ross Douthat

Economics of Health Care Apr 8 2020

Covid19, the right and the left

Politics and Economics Mar 25 2020

Is there a better alternative to lockdowns?

Cost-benefit Analysis Mar 23 2020

Recommended works on socialism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Mar 14 2020

Coronavirus nightmares

Economics and Culture Mar 13 2020

The entrepreneurial state and Big Pharma

Economics of Health Care Mar 11 2020

Dalrymple on Coronavirus

Politics and Economics Mar 11 2020

Food for thought on transparency

Politics and Economics Mar 9 2020

Coronavirus and the free trade narrative

International Trade Feb 28 2020

Neoliberalism as a term of abuse

Economics and Culture Feb 20 2020

Tory Industrial Policy?

Institutional Economics Feb 17 2020

Pope Francis and the Rich

Politics and Economics Feb 14 2020

Electricty liberalization in Italy

Regulation Feb 3 2020

Monnery on Hong Kong and Cuba

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 22 2020

The Paradox of Liberalism and Monopolies of Coercion: Levin on Himmelfarb

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 6 2020

Five Books to talk classical liberalism with your family over the holidays

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 24 2019

Synchronous politics?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 11 2019

Uber banned in London, too

Competition Dec 5 2019

The immigration debate is misleading, Steve Davies argues

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Dec 2 2019

Who are the elites?

Politics and Economics Nov 27 2019

Helen Dale on liberalism and technocracy

Politics and Economics Nov 24 2019

Deirdre's Test

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 19 2019

McCloskey on Liberalism and Democracy

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 15 2019

Dalibor Rohac for non-nationalist conservatism

Politics and Economics Nov 8 2019

Rohac on Brexit

Eurozone crisis Oct 28 2019

Globalism in 60 seconds

International Trade Sep 27 2019

On Steve Davies's new book

Book Club Sep 20 2019

Regulation and/or Geopolitics

Economic Growth Sep 17 2019

Mallaby on Grant's Bagehot

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 21 2019

Dan Klein on Sweden

Aug 19 2019

Italy's new political crisis

Politics and Economics Aug 15 2019

The New Tory Zeitgeist: Security over Freedom?

Economics and Culture Aug 12 2019

Dalibor Rohac on Brexit

Eurozone crisis Aug 8 2019

Again on The Mule

Aug 7 2019

Malamet discusses Hazony

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 1 2019

DeMuth on nationalism

Liberty Jul 29 2019

Boris Johnson- any reason for optimism?

Eurozone crisis Jul 25 2019

A (strong) letter on inheritance taxes

Finance: stocks, options, etc. Jul 23 2019

Why not 'individualism'?

Economics and Culture Jul 1 2019

Who will the free-marketers befriend?

Eurozone crisis Jun 16 2019

GOT's final season may have been disappointing, but not on politics

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 21 2019

Thatcherism at 40

Economic History May 4 2019

To Clap or Not to Clap?

Economics and Culture Apr 30 2019

Is Liberal Civilization a ‘Somewhere’?

Economic History Apr 29 2019

Cowen on business and imperfections

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 26 2019

Some thoughts on the Spanish elections

Eurozone crisis Apr 25 2019

Kling on markets and imperfections

Economic Methods Apr 10 2019

Bannon in/on Italy

Eurozone crisis Apr 2 2019

What future for French "capitalism?"

Eurozone crisis Mar 25 2019

Anthony de Jasay, RIP

Obituaries Jan 27 2019

"Whatever the cost may be..." Really???

Politics and Economics Dec 30 2018

Liberal Democracy and Its Reinventors

Politics and Economics Dec 26 2018

Wisdom from Mark Littlewood

Economic Philosophy Nov 17 2018

Italy vs the EU (again)

International Macroeconomics Nov 14 2018

LibertyMatters on Pareto

Economic History Nov 2 2018

Jesse Norman on Adam Smith

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 24 2018

Food for followers

Economics and Culture Oct 15 2018


Oct 12 2018

Again on Hazony

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 27 2018

A political realignment in Europe?

Economics and Culture Sep 17 2018

McCloskey on Norman

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 11 2018

Hazony's nationalism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 6 2018

Let children play and self-organize

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 4 2018

Tragedy Private and Political

Politics and Economics Aug 22 2018

Dan Klein, liberalism and the right

Economic Philosophy Jul 25 2018

The EU vs Google

Law and Economics Jul 16 2018

Does reality turn you into a statist?

History of Economic Thought Jun 18 2018

Again on the new Italian government

Eurozone crisis Jun 15 2018

The Italian crisis

Eurozone crisis May 29 2018

The new Italian government

Eurozone crisis May 21 2018

Can Koch money hijack academia?

Economics of Education May 12 2018

Milanovich on Marx's influence

Economic History May 5 2018

Corporate social responsibility vs laissez-faire?

Business Economics Apr 28 2018

McCloskey on Bauer

Economic History Apr 9 2018

Conservatives against Judge Bork

Law and Economics Apr 5 2018

Red Sparrow's tweets

Mar 16 2018

Frank Furedi on Italian populism

Eurozone crisis Mar 12 2018

Italian elections update

Eurozone crisis Mar 7 2018

A quick update on Italian elections

Eurozone crisis Mar 4 2018

That great classical liberal novel you never heard of

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 27 2018

Italian elections update

Eurozone crisis Feb 20 2018

RIP Nick Phillipson

Obituaries Feb 9 2018

Hope for Italy? Well, hope never dies...

Eurozone crisis Jan 24 2018

Secession and liberty: A reply to Pierre Lemieux

Politics and Economics Jan 22 2018

Carillion and the reputation of privatisations

Political Economy Jan 17 2018

A digital ID for all?

Behavioral Economics Jan 2 2018

The sad paradox of free markets

Politics and Economics Dec 11 2017

Again on intellectuals and capitalism / 3 of 3

Economics and Culture Nov 29 2017

Again on intellectuals and capitalism / 2 of 3

Politics and Economics Nov 28 2017

Again on intellectuals and capitalism / 1 of 3

Economic Philosophy Nov 27 2017

Himmelfarb on why intellectuals hate capitalism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 21 2017

Kling on Bruno Leoni

Book Club Nov 14 2017

Catalonia and common sense

Eurozone crisis Nov 3 2017

In praise of investor activism

Finance Oct 25 2017

Price cap for electricity in the UK?

Energy, Environment, Resources Oct 24 2017

Economic Possibilities for our Spacetraveling Grandchildren

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 19 2017

Again on the Catalonian secession and the EU

Eurozone crisis Oct 17 2017

Mises was a neocon, and other oddities

Economic Philosophy Oct 16 2017

A very bad book

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 9 2017

The Catalonian Mess

Eurozone crisis Oct 3 2017

Friedman on Trump

Public Choice Theory Sep 25 2017

Himmelfarb on the Fabians

Book Club Sep 16 2017

Tough Talk for Venezuela?

Foreign Policy Sep 15 2017

Minogue on intellectuals and politics

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 7 2017

Rajan on inequalities and the rise of populism

Politics and Economics Sep 1 2017

Do criminals obey regulations?

Regulation Aug 10 2017

Milton Friedman on the intellectuals who oppose capitalism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 8 2017

Does John Cochrane get Italy wrong?

Eurozone crisis May 25 2017

What can we expect from Macron?

Eurozone crisis May 16 2017

Adam Smith's pins

Book Club Apr 23 2017

Dan Klein on Scott Gottlieb

Regulation Mar 28 2017

The eclipse of classical liberalism

Economic Philosophy Mar 7 2017

Again on Cowen's techno-pessimism

Politics and Economics Feb 26 2017

Happy birthday, Leszek Balcerowicz!

Economic Philosophy Jan 26 2017

Reading Bastiat's Economic Sophism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 31 2016

Ralph Raico, RIP

Obituaries Dec 14 2016

On the Italian referendum

Eurozone crisis Dec 5 2016

The Italian referendum

Eurozone crisis Dec 3 2016

Trump, Krugman and the long run

Economic Philosophy Nov 17 2016

Theresa May's anti-libertarian turn

Eurozone crisis Oct 15 2016

The myth of Italian instability

Eurozone crisis Oct 8 2016

Do we need more antitrust?

Competition Oct 6 2016

Epstein on the EU and Apple

Competition Sep 22 2016

Is "neoliberalism" a menace to human rights?

Economics and Culture Sep 9 2016

Apple's principled defense

Competition Sep 1 2016

Italy's cultural voucher for 18 year olds

Economics and Culture Aug 30 2016

Isn't industrial policy an ideology too?

Economic Philosophy Aug 12 2016

Harold James on globalisation and migrants

International Trade Jul 7 2016

Anthony de Jasay on Pope Francis

Moral Reasoning Jul 3 2016

After Brexit - why not unilateral free trade?

Eurozone crisis Jun 28 2016

Italy's Renzi to tinker with retirement age

Eurozone crisis Jun 19 2016

Rushkoff's nostalgia

Book Club Jun 10 2016

Kibbe on Venezuela for Millenials

Economic Philosophy Jun 1 2016

Goldberg on McCloskey and Spencer

Book Club May 28 2016

Prices on everything, please

Incentives May 14 2016

David Bowie, Bourgeois Hero?

Economic Philosophy May 11 2016

Camille Paglia on making a career in ideas

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings May 7 2016

Vargas Llosa on populism and perfectionism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 28 2016

Autism and the iPad

Liberty Apr 7 2016

Booth on the ethics of economic preaching

Economic Education Mar 29 2016

Cash and freedom

Money and Inflation Feb 26 2016

Uber for welfare?

Political Economy Feb 22 2016

On Meddling

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 16 2016

Trevor Burrus on Justice Scalia

Obituaries Feb 14 2016

Making capitalism more attractive

Economic History Feb 6 2016

Antitrust vs. "Cannibal Capitalism"

Business Economics Jan 14 2016

Ridley, liberty, optimism and pessimism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 9 2016

Spooner the Constitutionalist

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 6 2016

Citizen statesmen no more

Politics and Economics Dec 18 2015

Schengen, adieu

Eurozone crisis Dec 14 2015

The Brexit debate

Eurozone crisis Nov 13 2015

China's demographic fatal conceit

Unintended Consequences Oct 31 2015

A right-turn for Switzerland?

Eurozone crisis Oct 23 2015

Closed borders and the liberty of the rest of us

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Oct 17 2015

Herbert Spencer, the misunderstood libertarian

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 10 2015

Portugal after the elections

Eurozone crisis Oct 6 2015

A snapshot of Portugal

Eurozone crisis Oct 3 2015

The Catalonian secession and the EU

Eurozone crisis Oct 1 2015

Tsipras wins the Greek elections

Eurozone crisis Sep 21 2015

Fred Smith reviews Charles Murray

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 17 2015

Big Government is young. Let's not forget it

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Sep 15 2015

Ben Wright on the euro

Eurozone crisis Sep 13 2015

Google vs the EU

Competition Sep 5 2015

Are the Greeks bored by Tsipras?

Eurozone crisis Sep 3 2015

A nice summary on secession

Politics and Economics Aug 30 2015

RIP Nathan Rosenberg

Obituaries Aug 25 2015

Will and O'Sullivan on Conquest

Book Club Aug 23 2015

Coming soon. Another Greek election

Eurozone crisis Aug 22 2015

John Gray on Hayek

Austrian Economics Aug 16 2015

Hatchuel on the new waves of statism

Eurozone crisis Aug 13 2015

Robert Conquest RIP

Book Club Aug 4 2015

Yanis Varoufakis as a media star

Eurozone crisis Aug 4 2015

Another referendum for Mr Tsipras

Eurozone crisis Jul 31 2015

McArdle (and the Pope) on air conditioning

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 28 2015

Re-regulation in the UK

Energy, Environment, Resources Jul 25 2015

Hayek made simple

Book Club Jul 11 2015

Two concepts of "austerity"

Economics and Culture Jul 8 2015

The euro and the Greek blackmail

Eurozone crisis Jun 30 2015

A quick note on Luigi Einaudi

Economic History Jun 25 2015

Why do we write too much?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 23 2015

Happy birthday, IEA!

Liberty Jun 20 2015

How electorates react to defaults

Eurozone crisis Jun 12 2015

Uber banned in Milan too

Competition May 28 2015

Madrid turns left - and Europe too?

Eurozone crisis May 26 2015

Free trade and the Expo in Milan

Eurozone crisis May 5 2015

Google and the EU foreign policy

Competition Apr 21 2015

Is Ciudadanos a hope for Spain?

Eurozone crisis Apr 16 2015

Will the EU help Uber?

Competition Apr 9 2015

The socialism of the Incas

Book Club Apr 1 2015

On libertarian strategies

Book Club Mar 19 2015

Greece and tax sadist tourism

Eurozone crisis Mar 13 2015

Uber reacts to the Spanish ban

Regulation Mar 2 2015

Ebeling on Mises, the Applied Economist

Austrian Economics Feb 28 2015

How much for a book dedication...?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Feb 21 2015

Mr Nutella and consumer sovereignty

Obituaries Feb 18 2015

On Greece

Eurozone crisis Jan 29 2015

Tsipras and electoral reform

Eurozone crisis Jan 28 2015

The birthplace of democracy

Eurozone crisis Jan 24 2015

Klein's battle for "liberalism"

Politics and Economics Jan 22 2015

Richard Cobden and us

Book Club Jan 18 2015

Uber, taxis and the issue of safety

Regulation Jan 15 2015

The Greek turmoil

Eurozone crisis Jan 6 2015

In defense of cash

Politics and Economics Jan 4 2015

The biggest problem for libertarians

Politics and Economics Jan 2 2015

Cheap clothes and the marvels of globalization

Austrian Economics Dec 31 2014

France seeks liberalizations, but bans Uber

Eurozone crisis Dec 17 2014

Boudreaux on capitalism and slavery

Book Club Dec 13 2014

Cotton, slavery and capitalism

Book Club Dec 11 2014

Desrochers on synthetic dyes

Central Planning Dec 2 2014

Herbert Spencer on Amazon (and Uber)

Book Club Nov 22 2014

Kakha Bendukidze, RIP

Obituaries Nov 19 2014

Hachette and Amazon made a deal

Business Economics Nov 14 2014

Sunstein on Hayek

Politics and Economics Nov 7 2014

Spencer matters

Economic Philosophy Nov 6 2014

Non-voting is a right too

Politics and Economics Nov 3 2014

Good bye to tax competition

Taxation Nov 1 2014

Krugman on Amazon

Business Economics Oct 22 2014

Leonard Liggio RIP

Obituaries Oct 15 2014

Fawcett's Liberalism

Book Club Oct 13 2014

A 13 minute primer on DeirdreMcCloskeyanism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Oct 11 2014

Is "spontaneous order" such a very bad idea?

Central Planning Oct 2 2014

Uber Wars Update

Eurozone crisis Sep 22 2014

Scotland and the irrational media

Eurozone crisis Sep 19 2014

Clive Crook on Scotland

Eurozone crisis Sep 18 2014

Will Scottish secession be a disaster?

Eurozone crisis Sep 14 2014

Uber Wars. The Ban Menace

Regulation Sep 2 2014

Anthony de Jasay on "rights"

Economic Philosophy Aug 29 2014

Food, snobbery and anti-capitalism

Book Club Aug 26 2014

A Patron Saint for entrepreneurs

Book Club Aug 5 2014

Think tanks, idea factories no more?

Economics and Culture Aug 3 2014

Is the French public debate evolving?

Eurozone crisis Jul 29 2014

Good bye to the book as we know it?

Economics and Culture Jul 24 2014

An Internet secession so far

Eurozone crisis Jul 19 2014

A(nother) Colbertian in Brussels

Eurozone crisis Jul 17 2014

Boudreaux on McCloskey

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jul 8 2014

Clarabelle Cow, Capitalist

Book Club Jul 4 2014

Remembering Ken Minogue

Book Club Jun 30 2014

Shall business defend "capitalism"?

Economics and Culture Jun 26 2014

France to ban e-cigs

Economics of Health Care Jun 23 2014

Taxi drivers of the world, unite!

Regulation and Subsidies Jun 15 2014

Frank Furedi on euroskepticism

Eurozone crisis Jun 7 2014

Happy birthday, Adam Smith

Book Club Jun 5 2014

OpenEurope on the European vote

Eurozone crisis May 29 2014

The Great Society at 50

Book Club May 22 2014

Healthcare... The return of the Singapore model

Economics of Health Care May 11 2014

Schumpeter, intellectuals and capitalism

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Apr 25 2014

We aren't very Victorian, are we?

Book Club Apr 23 2014

Europe vs Uber

Eurozone crisis Apr 18 2014

Ramblings on Piketty

Book Club Apr 14 2014

Is Venice going to secede?

Eurozone crisis Apr 8 2014

Nudging consumers and regulators

Behavioral Economics Apr 1 2014

A survey on communist symbols

Economic History Mar 22 2014

An excellent book review

Book Club Mar 16 2014

George Soros, speculator and proud

Book Club Mar 15 2014

The European Union versus the e-cig

Economics of Health Care Mar 7 2014

An update on Mr. Renzi

Eurozone crisis Mar 5 2014

Aid to bookstores?

Economics and Culture Feb 27 2014

Taxes are all around

Economics and Culture Feb 23 2014

Who is the Italian prime minister this week?

Eurozone crisis Feb 20 2014

What consequences for the Swiss referendum?

Eurozone crisis Feb 13 2014

How not to privatize

Eurozone crisis Feb 8 2014

Two cheers for the tasteless

Economics and Culture Feb 5 2014

How to measure the influence of think tanks?

Economics and Culture Jan 31 2014

German President defends the market economy

Eurozone crisis Jan 28 2014

Spiderman and the trust-busters

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jan 25 2014

Amazon's crystal ball

Economics and Culture Jan 23 2014

Could we have another Arthur Seldon?

Economics and Culture Jan 11 2014

Hayekian arguments for basic income

Economic Philosophy Jan 8 2014

DeMuth on Obamacare

Economics of Health Care Dec 19 2013

Emporiophobia at Christmas

Economics and Culture Dec 13 2013

Weight and velocity of money

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Dec 5 2013

Thank you for vaping

Eurozone crisis Dec 3 2013

The art of silly norms

Regulation Nov 24 2013

European Union, which steps forward?

Eurozone crisis Nov 21 2013

Coase's last book honored by the Atlas Foundation

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Nov 13 2013

A central bank for Scotland?

Eurozone crisis Nov 13 2013

Happiness for All

Social Security Nov 7 2013

Switching the printing press on

Monetary Policy Oct 31 2013

An "antifragile" financial system - but how?

Economic Philosophy Oct 24 2013

Against crony capitalism, Italian style

Eurozone crisis Oct 16 2013

Trade unions at the opera

Price Controls Oct 13 2013

The flying postman

Politics and Economics Oct 11 2013

Capitalism and the filmmakers

Economic History Oct 2 2013

Happy birthday, Ludwig von Mises

Economic Philosophy Sep 29 2013

Who is Mrs Merkel?

Eurozone crisis Sep 25 2013

Regulating your diet

Economics of Health Care Sep 17 2013

Perhaps the most relevant of Mencken's aphorisms

Economics and Culture Sep 12 2013

Psychohistory and us

Politics and Economics Sep 9 2013

Ken Minogue's last essay

Moral Reasoning Sep 4 2013

Farewell to a great historian

Economic History Aug 29 2013

Hayek as read by Chinese communists

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 17 2013

Summer Readings: "We" by Evgenij Zamyatin

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Aug 14 2013

Where no publisher has gone before

Business Economics Aug 11 2013

Capitalism is awesome

Economic Philosophy Aug 7 2013

Henry Hazlitt, public intellectual

Economic Education Aug 5 2013

The new future of television?

Economic History Aug 1 2013

The sticky label of 'Social Darwinism'

Economic Philosophy Jul 25 2013

Is royalty the most absurd thing?

Politics and Economics Jul 23 2013

Thoughts from the hospital

Central Planning Jul 22 2013

In praise of Over-Legislation (the essay)

Economic Philosophy Jul 4 2013

Ken Minogue, RIP

Moral Reasoning Jun 29 2013

What is a 'fiscal union'?

Eurozone crisis Jun 21 2013

Dambisa Moyo and the conquest of the US by China

Politics and Economics Jun 17 2013

Feeling Good About Solar Panels

International Trade Jun 7 2013

Shall Europeans elect their President?

Eurozone crisis Jun 4 2013

Does liberty require polymaths?

Books: Reviews and Suggested Readings Jun 1 2013

Michael Munger

Students Selling Notes, Part 2

Economic Education Oct 14 2019

Students Selling Notes

Behavioral Economics Oct 10 2019

Not a Dime's Worth of Difference

Regulation and Subsidies Aug 15 2004

All's Fair in Politics

Economic Methods Aug 14 2004

I Wish Tiebout Could See This

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Aug 13 2004

The Political Economy of Wishful Thinking

Price Controls Aug 13 2004

Privatizing Keynes

Macroeconomics Aug 10 2004

Time to Dump "Dumping"?

International Trade Aug 10 2004

The Economics of Wage Labor

Cost-benefit Analysis Aug 9 2004

Russia’s Hope

Cross-country Comparisons Aug 8 2004